There is No F in ART (is there?)

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"I enjoyed reading through this so much. I've made notes, stuck post it notes all over, laughed, debated, agreed. So happy this is in my life."

Alexx Hayley, AMAZON & MA Fine Art 

"I never saw an art book so complete, with so much information, but at the same time simple and easy reading. Excellent for both beginners and professionals in art." 

Fernando Ramos, AMAZON 

"Great little book.  Iconoclastic, fun and highly recommended." 

Anne Atkins, AMAZON

"Awesome book. Highly recommended."

Zory McGrath, Instagram 

"I highly recommend this book."

Alicja Rodzik, Grays School of Art

 "It's great - definitely a beginners guide for young artists wanting to find their feet in the art world."

Pippa Brabyn, MA Fine Art Chelsea College of Arts

"Better than proper art books."

Ben Street, Art Historian